Al-Maun (A little act of kindness) Food Pantry

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Food Pantry 2

Al Maun, the Masjid food pantry, provides food for families and individuals in financial difficulty whom are unable to afford or purchase adequate items for their needs. Through community donations we will be able to feed over 300 families in need, both Muslim and Non-Muslim. The pantry is located in the community center house adjacent to the Masjid. The types […]... Read more

Spires Project

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The 501 Park Street church building, now a mosque, is a historic landmark. The community members have worked closely with the Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board to ensure that minimal changes will be done on the building, with the goal to preserve the rich history that this building has. After more than one year of planning […]... Read more


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Eid Cover

Today is Eid! I hope you came to Masjid Isa, we had over 850 people attended Eid prayers! We also had coffee, tea, donuts and goodie bags for the kids in the school. We wish you a very eid mubarak, and inshallah your day today is filled with much happiness!... Read more

September 28 – October 3

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The women’s lounge has finally started with its making. The room was cleared out of any and all things inside it. Next the walls were severely damaged with tearing paint, and cracked walls, so everything has been patched and sanded and smoothed for a fresh new color to take its place. The primer has been […]... Read more

September 21 – 27

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The carpet has finally been completed! Stretched just fine enough to cease any bubbles from arising at the same time, not allow for any rips or losses in comfortability. The carpet itself was handweaved in Jordan, threaded for heat insulation, comfort, softness, and durability. Come by and pray with us and test out the new […]... Read more

September 14 – 20

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The women’s bathroom sports a new color this week! With fresh finely matted paint pressed against the smoothed out walls gives the bathroom a whole new complete look to it. The light brown color was chosen in regards to match the tile coloring, so that the bathroom can have a continuous color flow and a […]... Read more

September 7 – 13

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Exhaust fans and ventilation have now been installed in the bathrooms, no worrying about over condensation or over steaming that damages the walls and makes it harder to breath. With the new exhaust fan unit, air will naturally flow outwards but at the same time keep the heat inside, allowing for a warm bathroom in […]... Read more

August 24 – 30

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Pipes for the men and women’s bathroom sinks have been installed! Now all that’s needed for them is for the metal bearings to be placed as well as the the main water boiler to be restructured to allow extraneous amounts of water into it’s circuity.... Read more

August 17 – 23

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Masjid Isa is now officially wireless! There are two networks always running through the masjid, an open network for anyone to use and look up Qur’an or recitations of the Quran and a locked one so that if Qur’an wanted to be played over the speakers, it can be without any way of being disrupted […]... Read more

August 10 – 16

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Carpet installation has finally commenced! The carpets are being cut and stretched for each row, starting from the front to the back. Now it should only be about a week or so until they’re completed. Week by week we are getting closer and closer to the masjid being completed, the carpet being one of the […]... Read more

August 3 – 9

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This week is primarily focused on the sanding down of the floors to make them even for the carpet installation. We use this sanding machine to smooth the surfaces of any parts that are jagged or exposed too much that make it difficult for the carpet to be placed. After the floors are smoothed enough […]... Read more

July 27 – August 2

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EID MUBARAK! We are ecstatic that Eid is here! Alhamdulillah we have made immense progress in the renovation side of the Masjid, but now we can go back to our full swing days or renovations! And what better present to get for Eid than the carpet for the Masjid? That’s right, THEY’RE HERE! The carpets […]... Read more

July 20 – 26

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Ramadan is almost over and we’re holding our last Jummah of Ramadan 1435 this week, so make sure you don’t miss it! In renovations this week painting has been extremely successful in that almost all the bricks have been painted! The ceilings are almost completed as well, with beautiful golden paint plastering the once water […]... Read more

July 13 – 19

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As Ramadan continues, so do our renovations. This week the Mihrab and minbar are being built and directioned, and hardwood flooring is being placed as to allow people to walk on the sides. The Mihrab is a semicircular indentation in the wall, acknowledging the qibla, and where the imam prays. The Mihrab will be placed […]... Read more

July 6 – 12

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Renovations Continue! The men’s bathroom and wudu area has finally been approved and we now have the green light to start construction for it! First things first we have to sort out the plumbing. The drains haven’t been used in a little over four years, so the erosion and rust needs to be removed and […]... Read more

June 29 – July 5

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Ramadan has started! We ask Allah SWT to make this Ramadan an easy one and have everyone come together in this blessed month. Speaking of coming together, we will be having Iftar everyday, so stop by whenever you can or maybe on the weekends sometimes. If you don’t feel like cooking then this is the […]... Read more

June 22 – 28

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We have been making great headway here at Masjid Isa! Fresh paint always coats the walls, and there is always more work to be done! This week has been focused primarily on the men’s/women’s Wudu areas and bathrooms. The restroom facilities in the previous Holy Trinity Church were few and far in between, so we […]... Read more

June 15 – 21

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After much planning and preparation, we are pleased to announce the success of our first barbecue! We wanted to make our first community event big, and what better way to do it than a free, delicious barbecue cooked by the community? Gathering the necessary supplies took the better part of a week to do. After […]... Read more

June 8 – 14

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Renovations Begin! As soon as the facility was clean, renovations began immediately! We found a dependable crew of local youth and skilled workers to help start with the rebuild process. Water damage, mold, and age had damaged the walls of the facility, and needed to be addressed immediately. Slowly, our workers carefully but thoroughly scraped […]... Read more

June 1 – 7

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Thank you for everyone who came out! We had over 70 volunteers show up with a 24-hour notice! People from all over the northside and greater Syracuse area lent a hand to sweep, mop, wipe down, and vacuum the current masjid facility. Four years of vacancy left the facility in a dejected state, as dust […]... Read more

The Religion is Sincerity

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Assalaamu Alaykum, On the authority of Abi Ruqayyah Tamim ibn Aws ad-Dariyy (ra) that verily the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The religion is naseeha (good advice)”. The people said: “To whom?” The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied: “To Allah and to His book and to His Messenger and to the leaders of […]... Read more

Weekend School @ MIIM

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Assalaamu Alaykum waRahmatullahi wa Barkatuhu, Qur’an, Arabic, and Islamic Studies lessons are coming to MIIM. Registration and Placement Testing is Saturday 2/22 and Sunday 2/23 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Where: 501 Park St., Syracuse, NY, 13208 Registration Fee: $30 per student MIIM Registration form Call or email Abdulilah Al-Dubai […]... Read more