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Fajr 4:44
Sunrise 6:10
Zuhr 1:03
Asr 4:53
Maghrib 7:56
Isha 9:23

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Eid Prayer and Celebration Schedule

Jul 18, 2015 at 8::00

Masjid Isa would like to invite you Eid Al Fitr Prayer and Celebration Friday, July 17, 2015 at Masjid Isa Ibn Maryam 501 Park Street Syracuse, NY 13203 Program Details : 8:00am Arrive 8:30am Takbeerat 9:00am Eid Prayer 9:30am Light Refreshments and Goodie bags and gifts for children We hope to see you there!


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Al-Maun (A little act of kindness) Food Pantry

Al Maun, the Masjid food pantry, provides food for families and individuals in financial difficulty whom are unable to afford or purchase adequate items for their needs. Through community donations we will be able to feed over 300 families in need, both Muslim and Non-Muslim. The pantry is located in the community center house adjacent to the Masjid. The types […]


Spires Project

The 501 Park Street church building, now a mosque, is a historic landmark. The community members have worked closely with the Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board to ensure that minimal changes will be done on the building, with the goal to preserve the rich history that this building has. After more than one year of planning […]

Eid Cover


Today is Eid! I hope you came to Masjid Isa, we had over 850 people attended Eid prayers! We also had coffee, tea, donuts and goodie bags for the kids in the school. We wish you a very eid mubarak, and inshallah your day today is filled with much happiness!


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